Visa (Men)


Vision  +  Integrity  +  Servant-hood / Stewardship  =  Availability

Mission  Statement

The  Mission  of  The  VISA  MEN’S  MINISTRY  is  to  support  those  within  our fellowship and to create a relationship with Jesus Christ, then focus on strengthening that relationship. We also actively  share  the Good  News  of  Jesus  Christ  with  non-believers.

When  God  called  us  to  life,  he  then  called  us  to  service.

What  does  it  take  to  be  a  good  servant?  One  who  uses  his  time  and  talent  for  the  Kingdom  of  God  without  bringing  shame  and  embarrassment  to  our  Lord  and Savior  Jesus  Christ.

Scheduled  Meetings

2nd & 4th Saturdays  at  8:30 a.m.