Finance Committee Ministry

The SMZ Finance Ministry works as a team being good, trusted, loyal, honest and faithful stewards over all funds collected at Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  We are proud servants working as a team for “Holistic Ministries as we assist to guide non-believers to Christ…”  We are Solid as a Rock and Relevant for the Times!   We are able to provide assistance and guidance to needy families  as they struggled through these challenging economic times.  We encourage our members to start tithing because God has truly blessed them and Second Mt. Zion.  Allow me to encourage you to refer back to your bibles, Malachi 3:10, Hebrews 11:6 and Luke 6:38… the biblical way to live by faith in the area of finances is to give portion of our money into extending the Kingdom of God, in belief that God will send his blessings in our lives and reward us back.   Just remember, “It all belongs to God and you can’t beat God’s giving”; be faithful tithers.