Church Announcements

Pastor Drake’s Itinerary

Pastor Drake will be preaching at New Zion Hill Baptist Church Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 2:00pm.

Please come out and support our pastor on this event.

Fitness Challenge

The  Fitness  Challenge. We’re  excited  about  1  year  of  sweating,  bonding  and  growing  together!   Whatever  your  fitness  goals  are,  you  will  have  a  community  of  strong  church  members  to  motivate  you,  bond  with  you,  and  chat  with  while  in  friendly  competition.Now  is  the  time  to  really  focus  on  what  you  want  to  accomplish  this  year,  whether  it’s:  dropping  one  pants  size,  spending  more  time  with  family  to  promote  health,  developing  a  healthy  lifestyle,  or  simply  keeping  off  a  few  pounds.  We  want  to  encourage  you  to  pick  a  realistic  and  measurable  goal  to  work  towards  and  track  your  progress  during  the  challenge. Click  hear  to  see  all  of  the  latest  updates  and  posts  on  Facebook  Group2nd  Mt.  Zion  Fitness  Challenge 

Christian Ed. Ministry

Teachers Needed!

We have grown and we need your help!

The Christian Education Department is seeking willing volunteers to teach Sunday Word Study two Sundays a month for the Teens Class (13-17 year olds) and Wednesday Night Word study for our amazing Pre-Teen Class (9-12 year olds). If you are interested in sharing Christ with our youth, please contact Jennifer Edwards at (229) 854-0862.

Thank You,

Christian Ed. Ministry

Instant Church Directory

App Is Available

The Instant Church Directory App is available to all Second Mt. Zion Members.  It will allow you to look up Contact info of fellow members just as you would the directory printed each year in the Annual Report.

How to access the Directory:

  1. Make sure your email address has been entered in the Directory by SMZ Administration.
  2. Download the app to your Smart Device from the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPads and iPhones users.
  3. Follow the app’s directions.