Church Announcements

Pastor’s Appreciation


We hope that all has been well this past week.

As we informed you on last week, the Pastoral Relation Ministry will have a Drive-By Celebration in honor of Pastor and First Lady Drake on Sunday October 25th at 12 Noon.

Here are some details of the event:  

We are planning to meet at Alice Coachman to lineup on Sunday October 25 at 11:30AM.

We will be escorted by Police Department Officers

You may decorate your vehicle anyway you like.  The Youth Ministry has agreed to make posters, If you don’t have want to make them yourselves. To order posters contact Tkia Jackson (229) 288-1559 or Sonji Parker (229)439-0334. Your decoration can be something as simple as attaching balloons or as much as you like. (It is not mandatory to decorate. Just drive by to show your love for our Pastor & First Lady)

The Pastoral Relations Ministry ask each member to give the usual $50.00 and each Ministry give $100.00. You can give your gift through Givelify, PayPal, Check or Cash. Please earmark your donation as Pastor’s Appreciation. We do understand that times are difficult so whatever you are able to give will be greatly appreciated. 

You can give your Love Offering to Pastor & First Lady during the Drive-By. If you give your donation early through Givelify or PayPal, or with your Tithes; the Finance Ministry will write a check with a total of all love offerings donated. 

Thank you for your participation.

God bless and be safe,

SMZ Pastoral Relation Ministry                                        

Worship at Second Mt. Zion


Social Distancing is practiced throughout your worship experience. 
There is NO entry without wearing a mask or face covering.
Please wear your mask correctly. This will help protect others and yourself.
Below we have provided the incorrect way to wear mask and the correct way they should be worn.
Enter only through the Lobby doors.
Temperatures will be taken at the door. 
Social Distancing is practiced throughout your worship experience.
There is NO entry without wearing a mask or face covering.
Gloves are optional but you must sanitize your hands upon entry to the lobby. Sanitizer Pumps are available in 4 locations in the lobby.
Tithe Envelopes are no longer available in the rear of the pews. Please pickup Tithe Envelopes from the table in the lobby or from an Usher. 

Supplemental Books for Homeschooling

If you are a parent who is homeschooling your children and need supplemental books; contact Ms. Wilma Griffin at (229) 439-0630

Shredding Date

Keep Albany Doughtery Beautiful Paper Shredding has been cancelled.

Sunday Word Study 

WOMEN CLASS:    Call in:   1-805-309-2350. Conf. ID#: 333000
MEN CLASS:    Call in:   1-917-900-1022. Conf. ID#: 367-1048
TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS CLASS:    Call in:   1-917-900-1022.          Conf. ID#: 507-8183
PRE-TEEN CLASS:    Call in: 1-917-900-1022. Conf. ID#: 433-9436                            
You may come by the church to pick up a copy of the Lessons for the 3rd and 4th Sunday or call to have them emailed to you. New book for the new quarter will be available near the end of the month.


To our members and friends giving through PayPal. Please use the Donate Button on the Church Website and the Second Mt. Zion App when using PayPal to avoid extra charges. Don’t use your PayPal App. It will treat your donation as a purchase.


To have your Tithes and Offerings picked up call the Church Office number (229)-439-0334. Sonji Parker will take your name and address. You may also contact Ms. Wilma Griffin, Finance Ministry Leader @ (229)881-1255.


YOUTH WORD STUDY – Tuesday at 11AM


Both Live-streaming Word Studies can be seen on the Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church Facebook Page, The Church Website and the Second Mt. Zion App.


We Invite Your Youth to the Interactive Youth Word Study Thursdays at 7PM

This is the information to participate using Zoom:
If you have any issues contact Tkia Jackson at (229) 288-1559

Be Safe and God Bless, Tkia Jackson, Youth Ministry Leader