For Your Convenience We have a Nursery!!!

We consider every baby a blessing and promise from the Lord. It is our desire to serve the needs of you and your child as we would serve Christ. We attempt to provide a comfortable environment so that each child may feel happy and loved. The seeds of later trust In God are rooted in an early positive experience at church.

Safety Measures

The only acceptable nursery is a safe nursery The Nursery Ministry has gone to great lengths to insure each child will be nurtured In a safe and secure environment.

  1. During each service our nursery is supervised by a trained coordinator who staffs and oversees all care. The coordinator is trained to respond appropriately in all emergencies and is CPR certified.
  2. The nursery room is regularly inspected to remove or correct any dangerous elements.
  3. Children with known Illnesses are not admitted into the nursery.
  4. A parent in the sanctuary can be notified immediately of any needs through our nursery alert system.
  5. The church has developed a fire plan for all rooms in all of our buildings.

We are dedicated to tho following:

1.  Providing the children with all the love and care necessary for a happy stay in the nursery.

2. Providing a safe, sanitary, and loving environment 

3. Providing parents with the security of knowing their child is well cared for, allowing them the opportunity to worship without  worry!