The charge to the Deaconess Ministry is to assist the minister with the ordinances of baptism and communion.

The Deaconess Ministry is a body of Christian women committed to working for our Lord and Savior.   We have compassion for our brothers and sisters in Christ and are able to show that by assisting our pastor and church family.  We helped to carry out the mission and vision of the church by helping to meet the needs of the membership.

Ministry Officers and Members:

Carolyn W. Reid, President                                      Kenyetta Hawkins

Ruby Davis, V. President                                          Venecial Jefferson

Mary Jordan, Secretary                                            Mary Johnson

Barbara Culbreath, Assistant Sec.                          Tammy Jordan

Wilma Griffin, Treasurer                                         DelMarie Judge

Lillie McIntyre, Chaplin                                          Bessie Melton

Barbara Brown                                                     Betty Milledge

Norma Curley                                                          Nadine Oliver

Erika Chappell                                                          Sonji Parker

Carrie Drake                                                            Maxine Robertson    

Pamela Florence                                                     Marion Tharpe       

Hattie Ford                                                                Sandra Williams       

Elizabeth Gaines                                                        Lydia Woodward 

Jeanette Givens                                                      Tonya Young

Louella Givens