History of Second Mt. Zion

We are a family church. You’ll find areas of interest for the eldest to the youngest person in your family. We believe in nurturing youth, strengthening families, incubating business, and empowering the mind for the struggles we all face daily. It’s through the power of God that we overcome all obstacles. 

In 1865, shortly after Emancipation, a small group of ex-slaves gathered under what was then known as a Brush Arbor and organized what would become 2nd Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Pastor John Moore and Deacons William Glover, Andrew McClain, Emanuel Toson, Brooks Toson, Kench Williams and Hamp Stevenson constituted the church leadership. These faithful and dedicated charter members & founders along with their families became a community church that would guide non-believers to Christ, sustain, reconcile and provide avenues to be healed, nurtured and developed in Christ. Through the hard work and persistence of the church leadership and members, a small wooden church was later constructed on land donated by A.D. Golt.
 Succeeding pastors were Ike Reed, George Washington, Bill Hudson, D. A. Mosley, H. R. Cofield and J. W. Whitaker. Deacons who were ordained and served during these years were: Willie Dowell, M.B.G. Robinson, Ike Manice , John Pollin, Eugene Glover, Charlie Stevenson, Ed Christian, Monroe Gaines, Leroy Toson, Will Toson, Leon Glover, Ben Cooper and Albert Cutts.
 In l933 the church called Rev. B.W. Washington as pastor. Deacons ordained under Pastor Washington were: Corbit Christian, James Williams, Wilson Thomas, Ozell Givins, Jordan Woodrow Gaines, James Christian, Robert Green, Bennie Christian, Charles J. Gaines, Calvin Lowe and Ozell Ransome. Dea. Oliver Gaines was also a long-serving Deacon. Pastor W.M. Harris succeeded Pastor Washington following his retirement.
 Pastor Z.H. Bailey was elected to lead the church in 1956. Pastor Bailey organized a number of auxiliaries and clubs and many members were added to the church roster. The church building was extended by 14 feet and modern windows, gas heaters, an electric water pump and restrooms were also added. Pastor Bailey served for 26 years.
 After the death of Pastor Bailey in l982, Associate Pastor Jeff Wright served as interim pastor until Pastor J.H. Reynolds was called. Deacons ordained during his tenure as pastor were: Carter H. Christian, Roosevelt Gaines, Richard Williams, Adolph Christian and Willie F. Jones.  
 Pastor Leonard Favorite followed Pastor Reynolds and ordained the following deacons: Samuel Jordan and Bennie Toye.
 Pastor Joseph Howard, III led the church from l987 to l994. Deacons ordained under his stewardship were: Carlton Arnold, Lewis Howzine, Johnny Jones, Bobby Johnson, Alexander Jordan, Anthony Jordan, Winfred Knight, Bernard Gibson, Curtis Howard, Adolph Christian, Jr., Charles Tharpe, Michael Robertson, Jesse Jefferson, Prince Reid III and Milton Griffin. During this time, the Gertrude Christian Fellowship Hall was added and the sanctuary was renovated.
 In l994 Pastor Theodus Drake, Jr. was called to serve. Under his leadership the church experienced significant growth in membership, facilities and servanthood. Modern facilities were built including a new sanctuary in 2003, space for fellowship, baptism and administration. Several new ministries were added including youth and women ministries. In addition, the church formed ministries to address community needs such a food pantry and in 2008, 2nd Mt. Zion joined forces with Mt. Zion Baptist Church to open a free clinic, the Samaritan Clinic. Being convinced that where there is Vision, there are also provisions, God gave Pastor Drake and the church the Vision to expand ministry toward the Holistic approach of Mind, Body and Spirit. with that being said, in 2016 the Theodus Drake Jr. Family Life Center was built. It houses a Fitness center (weight room), Gymnasium, Kitchen, Showers and Sound Room. The Directors of the Family Life center offer three Aerobic Classes, Volley Ball and Basketball.
Historically, 2nd Mt. Zion has been blessed with many outstanding women who have contributed so much to spreading the gospel and advancing the work of the church. These women have served in a number of capacities including, the Deaconess Board, the Usher Board and the Choir. To name a few: Gertrude Christian, Delores Gaines, Rovilla Wilson, Willie Goseer, Emogene Williams, Janie Lowe, Percy Jackson and many more have contributed in their own special and unique way.
 Several ministers have been licensed under Pastor Drake’s leadership: Aaron S. Edmondson Jr., Judith Thompson, Rufus Davis, Greg Daniels, B.A. Windrow, Annette Haywood, Jimmie Grant, Anthony Jordan and Kenneth Cutts. Other ministers who joined 2nd Mt. Zion and serve under Pastor Drake are: Daniel Simmons, McKinley Drake, Alexander Jordan, James Love, Herbert Tomlin, Clarence Drake, Carrie Johnson, Steven Tuck, Barbara Tuck, Sidney Curley, James Love, Matthew Watkins, Evelyn Ross, Mary Edwards, Samuel Jordan and Marcel McManus . Deacons appointed by Pastor Drake are: Henry ‘Hank’ Young, Harris Williams, John Culbreath, Christopher Railey, Butler Wallace IV, Kenneth Florence, Perotta Malone, Robert Young, Arthur Dyer, Carl Parker Sr., Carl Parker Jr., James Bonner, Carlton Christian, Ricarlo Hawkins, Lynwood Givens, Alexander Jordan Jr, Montego Cason.